Golden West requires patient to be seen every two weeks with payment every two weeks & Tucson Medical Weight Loss wasn't polite to me nor kind and didn't treat me with respect and dignity so Tucson Medical Weight Loss couldn't and wouldn't help me reduce my weight and size so I don't recommend Tucson Medical Weight Loss nor Goldenwest every two-week payment program I recommend Sisterhood RX Medical weight loss & Wellness in Tucson Arizona provides patient with medically super vised weight loss reduction the front desk assistance the employees medical assistants office manager medical receptionist and nurse practitioner Linda truly enjoy and love encouraging and helping each patient with her weight reduction goals they treat each and every patient with respect politeness dignity encouragement kindness they seem more interested and helping patients wanting weight reduction and not interested in a payment every two weeks of course they're not billionaires God doesn't want them to be bankrupt they're definitely not greedy they are working for God to take care of us on this planet when weight comes off the body the blood pressure is better the hearts better the heart rate is better everything about the human body gets better even daily living improves for us and is why they are working to help every patient lose weight at Sisterhood RX weight loss and wellness and you won't feel bad and you won't feel ashamed a nurse practitioner Linda with her sweet soft beautiful voice and gentle nursing ways will make you believe in angels & believe anything is possible nurse practitioner Linda a southern belle with Southern Charm gifted by God with a loving heart Linda has always loved taking care of patients giving them the best nursing care very intelligent woman a lady I respect and appreciate admire honor. I don't doubt London misses patients and misses being at their bedside tell lucky they were to have her beside them the beauty inside Linda shows up and Linda's beautiful smiling face I think of nurse practitioner Linda and I smile I want to laugh I won't forget the thing Linda has patients stand on and maybe is computerized. So much Medical Data about our body metabolism water reduction of fat arm muscle the amount were burning effete is mind-boggling is the only place I've ever seen such a thing in my life was at Sisterhood RX well I have to wrap this up now started as just a little note was going to be a sentence now is the beginning of a book novel I pray for our good health happiness a spooky Halloween a peaceful joyous Thanksgiving and the best Christmas and New Year's forever with the one we love and the ones we love near& far to be happy healthy and loved forever
Love love love everything about this place. Linda is amazing. She sits down and takes her time with you, without ever feeling rushed. She's knowledgable and is able to answer all of your questions without hesitation! Will continue coming here to help achieve my weight loss goals..
Dr. Linda is fantastic!! I didn't expect to learn so much about my body composition! I learned a lot about what to do in order to shed off the last 15 lbs that is hiding around my mid section. The machine I stood on gave her a complete diagnostic about my water intake, muscle mass and body fat! I would HIGHLY recommend seeing her if you have a lot of a little to lose!!! In addition to being please with my appt, Dr. Linda makes you feel right at home and very comfortable!!
Everyone there is super friendly and welcoming, the prices are great compared to some other weight loss centers in Tucson, the office is always clean and comfortable, They send me text reminders when I have An appointment and you just text back to confirm which is awesome because I work a lot and dont usually get phone calls in time
Love ?? Linda is wonderful and very supportive. Thanks for everything.
Everyone here has been nice. Much better experience than any weight loss center in town. Very affordable no gimmicks, excellent tracking mechanisms and support system. I look forward to speaking with Linda she has a southern hospitality you don't typically find in Tucson. My sister recommended her and I've been coming two or three months. Weight loss has been simple and consistent which is nice. I will refer people and have.
Happy New Year!!! I'm super excited because it has been exactly 1 year since I made a New Year's resolution that I always have thought was overrated to do on New Year's, but I actually followed through with one. I'm pretty proud of myself and excited to announce I have lost exactly 50 lbs. 6 dress sizes! Through the year I've tried my hardest to cut out processed foods, kept a fit bit at 40 miles a week, have 1-2 of Shaklee all natural protein shakes a day. So greatful for the overwhelming push and confidence boosters from my whole family! Also, thank you to Linda at Sisterhood Rx for keeping me in check each month! Driving an hour to see her wonderful smile is totally worth it!
Admittedly I was apprehensive about visiting an institution called "Sisterhood" and needed to be reassured that they did in fact have male clients. I could not be more happy that I decided to forgo my preconceived notions and give them a call. Sisterhood Rx is found nestled into a business center that is kept in good repair, clean and provides ample parking. The location itself is exceptionally tidy and has a real sense of character thanks to in-house talent, Adam. You'll find his handy work decorating much of the office, and you may be surprised to learn what he hand made. Adam himself is larger than life and pleased to great all with a friendly smile from ear to ear. It is of course important to mention that Adam is far from the only rock star on staff at sisterhood Rx. Upon entering the establishment, it is likely Kyla will great you at the reception counter. Kyla keeps patients up to date and is impressively efficient. Her pleasant attitude, polite demeanor and friendly personality makes every visit a positive one. As to effectiveness of the program, it can't be mentioned without also mentioning Linda. The figurative heart of Sisterhood, is a wonderful and supportive woman. She makes herself available on Saturday to ensure she helps as many people as possible. She will help you through the lulls of weight loss and help you maximize your capabilities. Her individualized and holistic approach makes sure you maintain muscle mass, a healthy heart and healthy mind function. To top that off, she may be the kindest and most endearing woman in the field. My maximum weight was 308 pounds and seeing that number made me immediately attempt to lose weight. I lost weight, and gained it back, and lost it again... I met Linda at Sisterhood still weighing in at nearly 270 pounds and knowing I wasn't going to be able to lose the weight alone. Just over a year later I am down to 190 pounds. I lost more than ten points in BMI, 13% body fat, and more than 45 inches from my body. The best part of all this is that I have already passed my initial goal by ten pounds, and now I can keep going on my own. My diet and mentality have been permanently changed. I don't crave junk food and the thought of most fast food is entirely unappealing. I may have healthy weight fluctuations in the future but I will never be unhealthy again. That I owe to Linda and her wonderful crew. Regardless of other people's opinions and regardless of how many you've tried, it is important to continue to try and find a weight loss program that works for you. To be honest, if you haven't found that program, Sisterhood Rx might be the solution. Sisterhood can change your life. Sincerely, John Darnold Ex chubby fella
Well I just started the program and I agree wonderful great personality I love that North Carolina accent.
If you're looking to lose weight, this is the place to go!! Linda is absolutely wonderful. She is so friendly and knowledgeable. Her methods work and you'll see results within the first week!! After 1 month I lost a total of 16 pounds and a total of 10 inches! I love sisterhood Rx!
I'm so glad I met Linda she's the best.
I can't believe how much I didn't know about weight loss and my body composition. I feel so much more confident in my ability to get to my goal weight after my visit. The nurse was wonderful, the receptionist was great and I definitely recommend this place to anyone trying to lose weight.
Linda is a very intelligent, caring, and wonderful woman. Linda Griffith and her staff will take care of you and wellness needs like very few have the ability to do!